In this document, visitors to the site, whether buyers or potential buyers, will be referred to as “Customers”. Purchases, payments and transactions made by customers through the C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) virtual store on the site www.gigo.com.co hereinafter “the site”, will be subject to these terms and conditions, therefore for these terms and conditions, therefore for use of it, it is essential to declare and accept each of the points described below. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions previously stipulated by C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) for the use of this site, please refrain from using it.


Product quality. C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) garments are made with the best inputs (fabrics, yarns, elastics), guaranteeing customers a product that conforms to the highest quality standards, our registrations and certifications so Show.

It is not possible to guarantee customers to enter www.gigo.com.co that the image you view on the site is completely equal to the actual garment. Correct display is subject to the resolution of the computer or mobile device screen used by the client to enter the website (computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other). Likewise the photos of the garments C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) are taken in photographic studios and scenarios that have a varied lighting, in addition to the exterior, their brightness in greater or lesser quantity can generate variations in the real colors of the garment, making them gain or lose strength in their intensity. We do not guarantee that all the display variables of the product and the perception of the product that each buyer may have, are identical to what is developed by the brand C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR).


3.1. Exchange and/or return policies:
– Change means the replacement of one garment with another, whether by size, colour, reference, model and manufacturing defect.
-In the event that the garment is returned, the full refund of the money will be made for the cost of said garment, the customer being the one who assumes the cost of the shipment.

3.2. Conditions for changes:
– To proceed with the change, the garment must not have been used once, it must be in perfect condition, with the labels still on and complete and in its original packaging.
– The garment must be returned by the same means and under the same conditions in which the customer received it, assuming the costs of transport and the rest that entails its return. In case the claim is for quality defects in the garment, the costs of transport and / or shipping will be borne by C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR).
– The maximum period for changes will be 30 current days, from the day of receipt of the goods.
-At the time of receipt of any garment for change, C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) will verify compliance with this Change Policy, and it will depend on this, that your request is appropriate and accepted.

3.3. Procedure for changes:
– The claim must be made through the corporate mail info@gigo.com.co, and C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) will respond within a maximum period of TEN (10) working days, from the moment the garment has been received for review.
– Shipping of the garment within the deadlines and under the conditions established in the previous separate.
– Product replacement time, 30 days from receipt of the claim.

3.4. For any change and, it is the responsibility of the customer:
-Keep the invoice and print a copy of it, in order to make any claim.
-Always keep all packaging and labels of the product, at least for 8 days after receipt of the order.
-Please note the terms and conditions described on this site, prior to the purchase of any of the available garments.
-Providing correct information for shipping and billing purposes, otherwise the order redirection costs will be borne.
-Read and carefully follow the instructions for careful care and washing of the products.
-Review the garment thoroughly upon receipt and before signing the conformity check form, which the conveyor delivers.
-Review before your purchase the correct size of the garment, taking into account for this the measurement table next to the photo or image of the garment.


The companies responsible for our deliveries are Fedex, Coordinadora, Servientrega and ENVIA.

4.1. Coverage and Fees:
a) Our coverage will be in the national territory, with expressly established exceptions that are described within the destination table.

4.2. Deadlines for delivery of orders are:
– For Medellin and its metropolitan area, it will be 3-5 business days.
– For other major or intermediate cities, the delivery time will be between 5 and 7 business days.
– For cities or municipalities with reshipment, the delivery time will be between 5 and 10 business days.
– Deliveries cannot be made at an exact time.

The delivery time of the order will start counting at the time the customer’s details are analyzed and payment is confirmed by www.gigo.com.co, which may take up to one business day. If the order was placed during a weekend or on a public holiday, it can only be processed until the immediately following business day. in holding events such as Cyberlunes, Fashion Day, Black Friday, CyberSanta Our delivery times will be approximately 5 to 10 Business Days

4.3. Order tracking
In case you have not received your order within the offered period, we ask you to contact the email info@gigo.com.co, to check the status of the order.

4.4. Order Delivery
– The order may be delivered or inspected by any person of legal age who inhabits or is present at the place of delivery, for which the signature of the conveyor guide will suffice.
– In case the product has signs of damage or breakage in its packaging at the time of delivery, you must register it in the transporter guide as an observation and communicate with the customer service line or through our mail info@gigo.com.co

4.5 Delivery dates In events
Fashion Day: Our delivery times will be 5 to 8 business days